Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Anastasia!

After my friend Brenda saw the photos I did of her baby Mark, she arranged to have me do some for her sister-in-law Krisa, who was about to have a baby as well. So a few weeks ago I headed over to Orlando to meet baby Anastasia and her 3 big brothers! After all those boys, they finally got a girl - between Brenda's 3 boys and Krisa's 3, they finally got a girl in the family :)

I think this kind of session is definitely up there on my list of favorites. I love coming into homes and just capturing the every day moments that make life special. Yes, you could go to a portrait studio and get some (maybe) pretty pictures. But are you going to get shots like these?

Big brothers Athan and Christian inspecting the new arrival.

I love this next one. I know it isn't the most artistic shot, but I love that the boys are playing while the baby is sound asleep. Something tells me she's going to have to learn to be a hard sleeper! :)

"Who are you??"

I brought along this basket, not knowing if she would even fit. She barely did. But boy did she like it! She curled right up and went right to sleep - and cried when we took her out.

Then we went outside for a few more. Here's Athan, Christian, and Lucian.

Who needs to pay people to spray for ants when you have little boys?

That little Lucian is a cutey!

Already a Daddy's girl!

Congratulations Krisa, Arte, and big brothers on your new baby! Thank you for letting me capture this special time in your lives.


Melrose said...

GASP!!! I have never in my life seen such piercing eyes as little Lucien has!! wow. And these pictures made me tear up...A. because you're the most amazing photographer I've ever known. B because babies/children are just the most precious blessings ever.

Hey, 3 boys each then she had a girl? THERE IS HOPE! :)

Logan said...

These are so precious!