Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Bridal Society

Last year I received an invitation to join a local group called The Bridal Society. The group is made up of various wedding vendors in the area, and membership is very exclusive. Over the past year that I have been a member, I have been privileged to meet and work with some of the most amazing vendors. If you are planning a wedding or event be sure to check out the website for lists of qualified vendors. And just this year we have expanded into Orlando and also the west coast of Florida.
I was excited when Kelly from the Hilton Rialto asked me to come a little early for our quarterly meeting last week, which was going to be held at the hotel, to take some photos. She was one of the first people that I met at my first meeting, and I have been hoping to work with her ever since! I think that when one thinks of weddings in Melbourne, the first thought is the beach. But, in doing that brides are missing out on a great venue! I was really impressed with everything at the hotel: it was beautiful, the service was excellent, and the food was amazing.
In addition to Kelly, some other vendors were a part of the evening. Amanda did a beautiful job with the centerpieces and decor, and DJ Shane provided beautiful lighting and sound. I would highly recommend both of them!

The hotel has a courtyard in the back that is perfect for a cocktail hour. The back of the courtyard has a large doorway, which Amanda used to hang ribbon. She tied these lanterns to some of the ribbons - it was beautiful!

Here is how the ribbons/lanterns looked at night.

The ballroom where the meeting was held

Amanda also did the centerpieces. I have never seen anything like this, but it was beautiful! The top had a small light that lit up the flowers.

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