Monday, April 19, 2010

Anna is 11 months old!

I know I forgot to post last month, but time has just been flying by - I can't believe my baby is almost 1!
In the past 2 months Miss Anna has learned all sorts of new tricks. She is crawling, though not quite on her hands and knees - it is more of a "lunge forward with her arms, scoot her bottom" kind of thing. She has also started pulling herself up on furniture, toys, people, etc. Her biggest passions are the bathroom (I can't keep her out of it! I even found her in there one day sitting next to the trashcan, which she had tipped over, and eating the tissue that was in it. Gross!!), and cheerios. She was sleeping all the way through the night for a few weeks, but the last few nights has decided she'd rather get up around 2. Also, she has 2 more teeth for total of 6!
Anyways, here are a few pictures...

It is getting really hard to get this shot now - she doesn't sit still! I'll have to post some of the outtakes sometime - I've got some of her almost lunging off.

Look at me!

You have no idea how long or how many tries it took to get this shot. Typically I like the candid stuff, but I really wanted a picture of both kids looking at the camera and smiling. I only got this one with the help of Donald Duck (a toy) :)

I took the kids to the beach last week for an outing - man, is it tough taking two kids to the beach by yourself! They loved it, though.

This one cracks me up :)

Hmm, wonder how this sand tastes?

Not bad!

This is random, but makes me laugh. Here's Chris "fixing" his truck, just like daddy. Right before I took this, he was laying down "under" the truck with the screwdriver. Sometimes he'll even sit there and say "Where's the screw? Where is it?" Guess Dad must have lost some while working on his truck, so Chris thinks that is what you are supposed to say ;)

I just liked this one, drool and all :)


Dan said...

Your kids are so beautiful! :)

Melrose said...

I hadnt seen these when you posted them, I love Chris with his truck and Anna eating sand :D they are so so adorable!