Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eli and Melissa are Engaged!

Not too many engaged couples can say they've been together for 20 years.. but Eli and Melissa can. The pair has been together since they were teenagers, and will be getting married next month. I loved wandering around with them for their engagement session; they are a fun and relaxed couple. Stay tuned for their wedding images!

ps.. if some of these look a little different than usual, it's because I am trying out a few new photoshop tricks. I am not sure what I think... but I would love your thoughts! What works/doesn't?

I love how bright this one looks.

The next two are called "Grow Old With Me" :)

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Brianna said...

Did you put texture on that last picture of them sitting on the porch? It looks really neat. And it looks like the colors are brighter than usual. Could be the location. Either way, I think these pictures look very nice. I love that picture of them sitting on the dock. :)