Friday, April 9, 2010

I love my kids.

Growing up, my sisters and I alternated between fighting like cats and dogs and playing like best friends. These days, I consider my 3 sisters among my closest friends.
So far, Chris and Anna get along really well. Chris is good about sharing, for the most part, and is pretty patient with his sister. I think he likes having a "playmate". It is my prayer that this continues, and that they will always be close!
The other day I got these shots of the two of them, and I just had to post them.


Melrose said...

heart. melting. sweet sweet Chris and can just see the love in Chris' eyes. You, Jess and Kristin are my best friends too. :)

Saint Pete Niki said...

Precious. You can feel the love!

My name's MJ... said...

These are precious!

Jackie Beale said...

wow Anna is walking now! They are adorable Caroline. I love the 2nd one and how they are sharing a laugh :D